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Sendoso 3rd Party

Personalize Your Outreach Strategy with Direct Mail, Gifts, and eGifts

Sendoso's fully integrated solution enables organizations to easily source, store, ship, and track ROI for everything they ever need to send.

By installing this App, a Sendoso icon is added to the Outreach email compose window for all Outreach users so you can send eGifts directly from your email.

Whether part of your Outreach sequence or a larger marketing campaign, use Outreach triggers to add your prospect to a follow-up sequence or customize your next best action after packages are delivered.

Note: many users leverage Sendoso's Google Chrome plugin to send physical mail as part of a generic task within an Outreach sequence. For these types of workflows, use both the Sendoso Chrome plugin (for physical mail sends) and the direct integration (for eGift sends via email and Sendoso events & triggers).