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Alyce 3rd Party

Deliver Unforgettable Gifts with Alyce

Alyce in Outreach is the secret weapon that helps reps book more meetings through one-to-one gifting and personal follow-up at scale.

Alyce in Outreach allows you to create triggers when any Alyce gifting event occurs, so sales reps can effectively connect and follow-up with prospects in a personalized way, at the right time – all as a part of their day-to-day work inside the Outreach platform.

Some examples of actions you can achieve with the Alyce + Outreach integration:

  • Send Alyce Gifts Without Leaving Outreach
    • Make Alyce gifting a regular part of your day-to-day sales workflow by sending personal Alyce gifts without leaving the Outreach platform
  • Browse the Alyce Marketplace within Outreach
    • Explore the full Alyce Marketplace within Outreach to ensure that you are choosing the perfect gift for your recipient
  • Select & Send a Gift When Options are Ready
    • When gift options are ready to send in Alyce, have Outreach automatically create a task to send your invitation with your gift selection to your prospect
  • Let Your Prospect Know When a Gift is on Its Way
    • When a gift invitation is sent via Alyce, trigger a task or sequence in Outreach to send an email to the recipient to let them know something is coming their way
  • Call Your Prospect When an Invitation is Delivered
    • When a gift invitation is delivered, trigger a task or sequence in Outreach for reps to follow up with a call or email as soon as the gift hits their desk.
  • Follow up when a Gift is Viewed but Not Accepted
    • If a prospect receives and views their Alyce gift, but does not accept it, set up a trigger that creates a task or adds them to a follow-up sequence X amount of days later.
  • Schedule Time When a Gift is Accepted
    • When a gift is accepted, trigger a task to call or email right away to book a meeting.
  • Follow up When a Gift is Declined
    • If a prospect receives but declines their Alyce gift, follow up in a personalized way through Outreach that asks them why they declined
  • Add to Nurture Sequences when Gift is Expired
    • If you're still having trouble engaging a prospect, and their Alyce gift expires, add them to a sequence or create a task to follow-up sometime in the future to re-engage.